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Refacing or Refreshing Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets represent one of the most expensive portions of a kitchen remodel. Often we are asked if we can reface, repaint, or otherwise refresh cabinets rather than replace them. This video contains before and after images from our remodels in Austin, TX where the cabinetry is refreshed rather than entirely replaced.

Austin Kitchen and Bath specializes in cabinets, countertops and glass showers. Please call us for a detailed, expert inspection, of your cabinetry at 512.250.5829


Northwest Hills, Austin TX, Kitchen Remodel

Complete overhaul took this kitchen from the 70's to today. 

Onion Creek, Austin Texas, Kitchen Remodel

Removal and replacement of all fixtures updated this kitchen along with some  of the homeowner's touches make it unique.

Round Rock, TX Kitchen Remodel

Removal and replacement of all fixtures created a modern look for a once-traditional home. This remodel also includes custom made cabinetry from our shop.


Rock Fence Kitchen Remodel

Refacing the cabinets and replacing some of the fixtures cleaned this home and prepared it for sale. Click picture to see more.