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The durability of tile is outstanding and the price of the material is much cheaper than most others on our list. However, tile is generally not used for countertops anymore, especially next to cooking centers. This is because the grout lines between the tiles sit lower and dirt or crumbs tend to gather making it a maintenance nightmare and unsanitary to boot. 

Furthermore, grout is porous and will absorb liquids, becoming discolored. Grout can be sealed, but this must be maintained and the sealer is not going to fill in up to the level of the grout. 

Finally, achieving a perfectly flat counter top with tile is near impossible. Imagine sliding grandmother’s crystal decanter across the counter - it catching on the edge of a tile, tipping and… you get the picture. 

To combat these issues, some homeowners use larger tiles and minimize the spacing between them, attempting to achieve a slab like look. Frankly, whether your grout line is small or large, the space is still there and you will have to maintain it.

With the kitchen as the heart of most Austin homes the counter material you select will be an item you will be living with for years to come. We don't change out our counters every year and expect them to last for a decade, or more. 

What is involved in counter top pricing?

*Note on Tile Counters:

Understanding Counter Material Prices

The price per square foot of the average counter top varies in Austin and is highly dependent upon the fabrication costs particular to your project.  What I mean, is that it is the cost of what we do to precisely fit your new counter material to your cabinet layout plus the options you choose, that labor involved in crafting your needs, the fabrication, that is a large part of the cost of the counter pricing per square foot. 

Other variables that effect the price are items  like applying particular finishes, complex edges, the backsplash, materials sold only by the slab, etc. With laminate, the least expensive material listed below, the labor involved can easily exceed the cost of the material itself, so the pricing is highly dependent upon exactly what your project requires.  To attain a price per square foot for your new counters you will need an experienced contractor and/or kitchen re-modeler to provide an estimate who can assess your particular needs. With so many people moving to Texas and the Austin area it can be hard to find the best contractor with the knowledge and experience to help with your counter top pricing and installation.

Question:  I have chosen a beautiful stone counter but it is only sold by the slab and I don't need that much, what can I do? 
Answer:  Check for remnants in Austin for smaller projects and save big..