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Completed April 2013 - This bathroom remodel on West Gate Blvd. in South West Austin underscores the difference in how we at Austin Kitchen and Bath look at bathroom functionality vs. the original builder.  Prior to the remodel, the homeowner only had two drawers in the entire bathroom. There was no lighting inside the bath - shower combo, and the shower grab bar was on the small side for adequate support. Since the homeowner was not using the bath,  it was removed and replaced with a glass shower enclosure, thus eliminating the need to step over, and into the shower. In addition, she added a handheld shower spray which can be used for yours favorite pooch, or yourself.

Before the outdated light-bar is just visible above the mirror.
Note the lack of storage space in the vanity, with only two small drawers.
 Dark grouting between the tiles catches the eye and heightens the perception of a cramped space.
The shower curtain walls off a portion of the bathroom, shortening this already small area.
The owner crammed in a plastic portable drawer unit, due to lack of drawer space in the current vanity.
 The single ceiling light fixture does little to illuminate the bath shower combo.
Popcorn on the ceiling catches dust.
 The new vanity in our custom cabinet shop.
Seven more drawers added for 9 total -  still has storage for linens behind the door.
 In progress: the new tile, covering floor, shower enclosure and part of the walls with low contrast grout.
The dark grout gone, there is less for the eye to fixate on, thus making this petite bathroom seem larger.
 In progress: the new shower enclosure. Ceiling popcorn eliminated.
Note the toe ledge to the right, a personal favorite for handy shaving.
 The glass door enclosure does not break up the space like the original shower curtain,
thus increasing the visible room size.
 Wider shot of new enclosure with new shower lighting visible above. The matching low contrast wall color blends with the floor, wall and shower tile - creating one large cohesive space.
 A step backward shows the room as you enter.
 One last photo from within the bathroom, the updated mirror and vanity lighting visible here.
The plastic portable drawers are gone, and no longer needed.